Personal Projects

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Dimitri House

The Dimitri House is a shelter for men at night (during the months of November through April) and a daily drop-in soup kitchen by day to feed those in need — men and women. In 2013, I was approached by the Dimitri House board of directors and asked if I'd be willing shoot photographs of the house and the people it serves, pro bono, for their annual donor campaign. Unlike some other shelters, the Dimitri House doesn't receive any state or local funding. As this was a project I believed in, I obliged. Homelessness is a big problem societies face. It's a global problem. They needed images to tell the story of how life really is for these men. I found that the only way to tell the story authentically was to immerse myself in their world. They needed to trust me and I needed to trust them. These people were homeless, not criminals. Some of them had serious physical and emotional problems. Alcoholism was common, but the shelter turned away anyone who exhibited signs of active drinking.

I spent nearly three months going to the shelter at night and sometimes during the day, when I...